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Lei Fan

Advanced R&D Manager, Valeo

Philippe Aumont

General Editor, DVN Smart Interior

Pablo García Bravo

Shanghai Tech, Grupo Antolin

Weijie Hung

Shanghai Tech/Commercial Center, Grupo Antolin

Prof. Dr. Karlheinz Blankenbach

Chairman of the board of the German Displayforum

Stefan Hoffmann

Manager Applications, Inova

Sen Zhang

Application Engineer, Ansys

Mingjie Dou

Senior Marketing Manager-Automotive, Osram

Linhong Song

Senior Field Application Engineer, Melexis

Dr. James Gourlay

CTO, Design LED

Dominique Heilborn

R&D Head of light and function, Novem

Dr. Wolfgang Clemens

Head of Product Management, PolyIC

Geoff Draper

Senior Regulatory Session

Wang Wei

Secretary, SMVIC

Zhu Caiping

C- GTB Vice Chair, Xingyu